Friday, August 13, 2010

here is Ari!

Hi everyone this is Ari:Ari is a three months old Pekingese and he arrived yesterday.
Here you see him at our bed next to Frank, I left him there when I had to walk Chimay and Eoos, and he behaved perfectly.Ari and Frank on the bed with Eoos this morningWe missed having a male dog in the house, but did not want a third big dog.
We doubted between a Pug or a Pekingese, a Pug has a shorter easier coat, but the Peke is more like the Chow in character. Well we decided in favour of the Peke.
Ari's official name on his pedigree is Dango and he was born in Oss (the Netherlands).

According to Wikipedia
Ari means "to be" in Japanese
Ari means "lion" in Hebrew
Ari means "brave" in Armenian
Ari means "gorgeous" in Kurdish
That all together gives: to be, lion, brave and gorgeous and we thought that fits the little dog ;-)
Pekinese were bred in China to look like little lions, more information about the Pekingese breed.


Cindy AMOROSO said...

Congratulations for the come of Ari !!!

I'm happy to inform you that we had yesterday Dune's first litter with Mongo : 6 puppies (3 males, 3 females) ! :D

Chimay and Eoos said...

thank you Cindy!

And congratulations on Dune's nice litter!
What colors are they?