Wednesday, November 24, 2010

France 2010 - part two

november 16th, 2010
We went to St Maxime, to the big Carefour supermarket as I needed a few things. First to an other store, a gardenstore that included an "animalerie" and I was curious, well animalerie is pet store in French. We bought some stuff for untangle Ari's fur, the last days it has been dufficult to comb him. Ari was happy with it and so was I.
Photo moment of the day: the Heineken van was unloadingHeineken
november 17th
Frank took Chimay for a good walk, to the beach and back again.

november 18th
Chimay and Ari slept together on the dogbed, when Eoos joined them. She stayed there long enough to take a pictureChimay, Eoos and AriEoos on the balconyEoosAri sleeping on the dog bedAriThen Eoos decided it was playingtimeEoosAri and EoosAri and EoosAriNo harm was done to any Pekingese during the play

When Chimay had enough of all the play around her, she hided on Franks lapFrank and ChimayMore photos at our Picasa webalbum.
Then it was time for my yealy bath, at home we have a shower, no bathtub ;-)

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