Monday, April 18, 2011

Ari to the groomer

Today Ari had an appointment with Corinne, our groomer at Trimmen en zo.
Next week Ari will attend the Paasshow (Eastershow) in Leeuwarden.

Ari being washed, there is not a lot of Ari left ;-)

Are we finished yet?

Being washed is not that bad, drying is worse.

But a lot of attention is nice, despite the dryer!

Nearly dry, only some wet hairs on his head make Ari look punky.

Ari happy and all clean and shiny!

Back home Ari decided to roll a bit, washing makes you smell odd!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clubmatch NCCC

Last Sunday we had the annual Clubmatch of the Dutch Chow Chow Club. Three Xin-Feng Chow Chows were entered, first one to be judged was Endo (Xin-Feng's Endo):He was 4th with Very Good in the Open class dogs.Guido and Endo.

Next one was Chinka (Xin-Feng's Embla) in Open class bitches:Chinka was 4th with Very Good too.

And last was Demi (Ch Xin-Feng's Demeter NJK) in Champions class bitches:Demi was 2nd with Excellent!

We took Chimay and Ari with us. Ari did very well, he stayed with me all day and kept me calm. I deliberately missed Endo's judging, I got so nevous even thinking about it, because of the disaster last year... So I took Ari for a walk and returned when the judging was over.
Endo did a lot better with Guido as his handler.

Thanks Peter for taking photos!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Demi (Xin-Feng's Demeter)

Today I received two great photos of Demi (Xin-Feng's Demeter) from her owner Ilone.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Biking with Ari and Chimay

Last week we bought a transport-crate for Franks bike, now Ari can join us for a ride!Ari likes it very much, lots of new things to see.Chimay walks next to me and if she gets tired she can sit in the doggyride trailer.