Friday, August 12, 2011


Despite the rainy weather we have had for weeks now, the roses do very well in the garden.
Last week, when I took pictures of the gardenhouse, I took some pictures of the roses too (in the half hour we actually had a bit of sunshine).
Here the roses "Nostalgie" and "The Prince" next to eachother.

The "Nostalgie" came last year, as Frank liked it, a two-colored rose, cream-white inside and red on the outside, with a sweet fragrance: "The Prince" stood for some years in my garden in Rotterdam and I took it when we moved to Lelystad. The first years here it did not bloom much, but I adored and cherished every flower it had.
It is a David Austin rose, purple-red with a special spicey scent. It is not an easy rose to grow, it wants attention, fertilizer and a moist ground. I think that he liked the exceptional sunny months of April and May this year, I have never seen it flowering for such a long time.

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