Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the Floriade - part two

After our rest on the terrace we went on. This rose grows in our garden at home too: "Isabel Renaissance", a deep dark red rose with a sweet fragrance.
Rosa Isabel Renaissance
And in this garden again a stunning pond, completely different from the previous one, but again a joy to look at:

And then... we discovered the dragon!

For 50 cents he breaths fire ;-)
Ari did NOT like the dragon as he roared too... so we went on...

... and discovered the dragons tail.

In the garden of amusement park Toverland (translation: Magicland) you could take a "magic picture", a nice lade took this picture.
No "magic" effect in the picture, but anyhow a nice picture of me with the dogs :-)

(to be continued)


Genny T said...

I'm not surprise Ari was scared of the dragon. It's just a bit bigger than he is!

Xin-Feng Chow Chows said...

hi Genny!
Big did't bother Ari, he is used that the world around him is big ;-)It was the NOISE he didn't like, the fire was no problem either.