Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Midweek in Sauerland, part 2: the Ettelsberg in Willingen

We got a tip of a friend, when she heard we were going to Winterberg: with the cable car to the top of Ettelsberg in Willingen would be worth the visit.

The dogs would be allowed in the cable car and walking down would be possible, even for Ari.

So on Wednesday we drove to Willingen and we bought tickets for the cable car.

Chimay LOVED the ride!
Chimay and Frank

Ari is a bit afraid of heights, so he was not too happy...

But on the other hand Ari is very curious too, so he did look outside for a moment.
Brave Peke!

Nearly at the top there is the Hochheideturm.

The view up in the tower is truly amazing!

Chimay up in the tower.

Glass in the floor, so you can see down too.

Frank, Chimay and Ari next to the cross that marks the highest point of the Ettelsberg: 838 meters!

Ari had a great time when we walked down.

I had Chimay on leash, so I could not take any more pictures.

The path went from left to right with hairpin bends, but Ari took here and there a shortcut straight down and came proudly back to pick us up ;-)

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