Tuesday, April 10, 2007

busy times... well for me it is

I had not much time/energy to write lately.

On March 22nd Gladdich was neutered, a bit early, but we expect Chimay coming in heat this month and did not want to take any chances on an "accidental breeding" between them. Gladdichs blind eye is an inhereted problem (microphthalmia), so he is not allowed to breed. He was also very male aggressive, so we hoped the neutering would make him a bit more mellow towards other male dogs. And indeed, he does not jump instandly onto other males anymore. But if there is growling towards Gladdich he still stands his ground, but this behavior is much easier to handle.

Chimay decided on March 21st it was time to start to play with Gladdich. Gladdich wanted to play when he arrived, but for some reason she did not play with a puppy. I a not sure why she changed her mind, maybe it was the start of spring, or the fact Gladdich had grown and finally was a bit taller as Chimay.
April 6th, 2007: Chimay and Gladdich playing in the garden
Anyhow, since that day they play almost every day in the garden. Chimay teaches Gladdich all kinds of play, I see playing-techniqes that Nemo used, passed on to Gladdich by Chimay.
On April 6th I took some photos from Chimay and Gladdich playing: photoalbum playing in the garden

Tuesday March 27th we went to my psychiatrist, this time an appointment for Frank too. Frank did some research on internet and found experimental use of Ritalin for CFS in the USA. My psychiatrist was willing to prescribe Ritalin to try. Ritalin is mailnly known to benifit children with ADHD, but is used too for those suffering from narcolepsy. Because Frank has a history of heart arhitmia and Ritalin has known side effects on the heart, he is taking very small doses of Ritalin. Now, after ten days he seems to have a bit more energy, but has headaches (Ritalin works for 4 to 5 hours, headaches after this time are also a side effect).
I tried to stop the Remeron, but that did not work well, I got all instable again with only Efexor, so I am back to Efexor in the morning and Remeron before bedtime...

Then there came a letter with questionaire for re-examening for my disability, if you get disability payment you have to be re-examined every five years.
I filled out the questionaire and mentioned I would take one of my dogs if I had to come to them, like I did 5 years ago.
Last week I got a response, only one sentence "in deliberation with the attending doctor we decided that you are not allowed to bring a dog", no motiavation, nothing and no sceduled appointment... I called about it and am waiting for the call back they promised.

On wednesday April 4th we went to Noordwijk, a place at the Nordsea coast. In spring mr and ms Choudhuri from Berlin (Germany) go there for a short holiday. They take their Chow Chows with them. They have a Chow from our first litter, Angel (Xin-Feng's Angel) a red rough male.
April 4th, 2007: Angel, Georgy, Chimay and Gladdich

Angel was very happy to see us again, last time we saw him was two years ago.
More photos from our visit: photo album April 4th, 2007.

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