Friday, July 27, 2007


The frongarden is completely finished now.
On July 13th Guido came for the weekend to Lelystad and he helped to put the treebench together.

It is a nice place to sit under the cedar tree, in the shade. In the evening it is a good place too, nearly always a breeze and the musquito's don't like that.


the canoe
Guido and Gladdich had their first trip with the canoe on July 15th.
I can't get the canoe alone to the lake nearby, so I need a helping hand. Chimay goes into the canoe when I tell her to do so, but I needed help with Gladdich too.

Frank likes boats, but thinks the canoe is way to small.

First a little trip with together with Guido and Chimay. Then we went back to get Gladdich. It was not easy to get him in the canoe, but we managed. It will take a few times before he is as confident as Chimay in the canoe.


Chimay and Dazzler
In the meantime Chimay got in heat, she was bred to the red rough Dazzler (Cinderella Man of the Royal Club) on July 24th.
The next day we went again, but then she only wanted to play with Dazzler. That day I did NOT forget my camera and took some pictures.

Now we hope Chimay is pregnant, if all goes well we have puppies at the end of September.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Marcel called last Wednesday, asking if we were home the next two days, so he could come to redo our frontgarden.

We asked him some time ago if he would redo our frontgarden. Marcel is a horticulturalist and runs a small company (Alklust). Redoing the frontgarden was to much to do ourselves. We planned to do this in the fall, but a few weeks back we told Marcel that we would not mind if he could do it sooner.

This was how the frontgarden looked, when we bought the house (September 2005):
A lot of work was done on Thursday and Friday:

Now the frontgarden looks like this:
Today I planted a red Japanese Maple and we bought a tree bench so we can sit under the Cedar tree.