Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birthday Chow!

Today we celebrate Chimay's 8th birthday.
Happy Birthday Chimay and littermates!!!!

Chimay on the couch

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dutch Chow Chow Club walk

The Dutch Chow Chow Club organises a walk every year.
We never attended before, but this year we decided to go with Chimay and Ari.

The weather was great, a bit cold, but the Chows like that!

Chimay, Frank and Ari

there were a lot of Chow Chows!

the wood was beautiful in fall colors


Half way a little rest with coffee and cake

And on we went again

It was a great day, we enjoyed it very much.
Chimay was happy to see so many Chows!

last roses of the season

rosa "Grand Palace"

rosa "Mein M√ľnchen"

and the Hydrangea