Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New furniture

Our furniture in the livingroom needed replacement.
The couch (Montis WK-Elan) was not too bad, but there was that first torn in the seam. Frank's chair was worse (Montis Loge) worn out leather and there was a hole in the arm that got bigger and bigger. But not surprising, we bought them 17 years ago.
We looked at possible re-furnishing, but the leather alone is very expensive.

So here the last photo of the couch, Chimays favourite place:

and the last time Gladdich is looking out of the window on the red chair:

The past weeks we were looking around on the Marktplaats site (a bit like Ebay, but of Dutch origin and with different rules) and we found a big, ten year old, blue Leolux couch. With a matching table, the one Frank always liked in the days we roamed design furniture shops.

After we bought the couch and table, we found that our old furniture was worth some money too, a re-furnishing business bought them. We are getting handy in second hand trading ;-)

Chimay and Gladdich are not too fond of change, so the new couch was inspected first with wary faces. But within a day they found out not all change is bad, here Chimay on the new couch:

and Gladdich finds the new couch very comfortable:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Xin-Feng's Don Leo (Bobbie)

And there was suddenly our last visit to Bobbie, who lives in Dieren.
Time flies sometimes...

Bobbie was happy to see us back, and like most other pups he enherited his mothers attitude towards the camera. I have many pictures of Chimay, nearly all of the first four months of her life. Then, at 4 months, she decided the camera was NO fun and ever since most pictures are from her behind, or the back of her head.

But I managed to take a few pictures of Bobbie, decent enough to show ;-)
Bobbie is dark red and has a bit big ears, just like as Chimay.

very blue tongue:

I love his head!

Bobbie turned his head too late...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Xin-Feng's Dao

Today we visited Dao and Ginger, they live with Jan and Jessica in Veenendaal. Ginger (Xin-Feng's Charming Ginger) is Chimays sister and Dao's aunt.

Ginger and Dao were both happy to see us back and we had a nice evening in Veenendaal.
Dao dislikes the photo camera, just like his mom Chimay, but I managed to take a few decent pictures ;-)


Dao enjoys a chewy:

Jan with Dao on his lap and Ginger next to him:

and Dao again: