Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HD result Endo

Today we got the HD result for Xin-Feng's Endo.

with bone-deformation 0 (no deformation) and Norbergscore 40
(Norbergscore is a calculation of the angles between thigh bones and hip and 40 is the best possible score)

Endo has great hips!!!

Now we are waiting for his ellbow results.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ari groomed

Today Ari went to the groomer.
Corinne washed, dried and combed Ari, so now he is looking great!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nurse Eoos

Somehow all our dogs find a job in our home.
Since June last year Eoos found hers: she guards our health and we call her "nurse Eoos". She wakes Frank if his heart starts beating too fast (supraventricular tachycardia). He can stop this by himself, but often he realises too late it is there. The "double" heartbeat usually starts at night when he is sleeping and goes on until he realises that his heart is the reason for his extreme fatigue.
Thursday, very early in the morning, it happend again and Eoos alerted Frank. She did this a few times before, but we were not certain if it might have been coincidence. Now we are sure "nurse Eoos" is watching at night.

Eoos did wake me a few times in the past months, but we don't know why, communication from dog to human is always difficult. Maybe we will find out, it took a while before we realised why she woke up Frank. Maybe it is related to my thyroid issue, then we will probably never know...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

human medical troubles

I have been very tired and slow for the past months, at first we thought I had a major depression again, but upping my meds did not help.

So I finally went to my doctor (did I mention I don't like doctors?) over a week ago, the next day there was blood drawn (dit I mention I don't like needles?) and the bloodtest showed my thyroid does not work well, probably for a long time, as it was/is servere and I was send to the hospital right away (did I mention I really dislike hospitals?). Was there the whole afternoon, blood drawn again and many questions answered to the coassistent (that is a doctor in his last years of his training for a specialism) of Internal. There was taken a heartfilm too and that was not completely as is should be, so while waiting for the okay to leave from the cardiologist, I panicked big time and left.

Tomorrow there will be taken an echo of my heart.
I have no diagnose for the thyroid, it could be infectious, it could be Hashimoto's, we don't know yet. February 11th I will see the internist, or he will see me is probably a better way of saying I have an appointment.
My brain is a bit foggy.
And February 1th I have an apointment with the cardiologist.

I am taking thyroid-pills now and feel off and on sometimes within a few minutes time.

the symptoms of van hypothyroidism are partly the same as Major Depression list of symptoms (Wikipedia)