Monday, June 25, 2007


Ed was found today!

We are so releaved, sigh

Sunday, June 24, 2007


You read about it, or see it on the television: sombody is missing. For a moment you think "too bad for those left behind" and you go on with your doings.

But now it is different, a friend of ours is missing. The first days I hoped it was just a bad dream, but now the harsh truth is sipping through: our friend Ed Butler is missing since last Friday.

We know eachother for allmost ten years, I met his wife Henny on a Dutch mailinglist about dogs and after some time we met. Back then Ed and Henny lived in Vught and we lived in Rotterdam. At some point Frank went with me and the four of us went along very well.
Ed and Henny moved to Lelystad in 2003 and we stayed a few times at their place. We started to like Lelystad and two years later we moved to Lelystad too. They live close by.

On Friday morning Ed took the dogs for their morning walk, but never arrived on his work. He took his bike and has not been seen since.

Hundred questions, hundred possible explanations run through our heads. What has happend?
The police is searching, but has no clues either.

Ed was always busy, with work, with the dogs and their flock of sheep. Always ready to help out, when I was too sick to take out the Chows, he would come over and walk them for me. Both Chimay and especially Gladdich love their "Uncle" Ed...

Thoughts keep popping up.

Oh please Ed, I am hoping and praying that you will return soon, we miss you.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a sign of life

Back in the land of the living... I barely survived the past month.

On May 8th I had to be re-examined for my disabillity, it was terrible, no humanity, no compassion, just the law requires this examination, no matter in what state you are.
Gladdich did his job, tried to make me focus on him, but in no time I scratched my arm until it was bleeding and I dissociated too.

I did not want Frank to come with me, it is so hard to see your partner going through something like this, but I fainted right away, so they went to get him (he was waiting in the car, together with Chimay).

I survived the weeks after by working in the garden, pulling out weed, trimming the shrubs and trees, that is better as self-mutulation :-(
Luckely there is a lot to do in the garden, I filled 4 big containers the last two weeks.

Last week I got a letter from the examination, only stating all limitations in work, now it is waiting on the work-expert, who will make the final descision.