Monday, September 28, 2009

oh my... forgotten!

I completely forgot our D-litters 2nd birthday last week... That while I lately got some nice pictures of some of them. Thanks all for sending the pictures.

So belated Happy Birthday Demi, Desna, Bobbie, Dante, Dao and Demi!
Here the pictures, first smooth Demi (Xin-Feng's Demeter): This is Desna (Xin-Feng's Desdemona): and here Dante (Xin-Feng's Dante): and this is Dao (Xin-Feng's Dao): and finally rough Demi (Xin-Feng's Draupadi): We hope you all had a good birthday!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Molli (Xin-Feng's Eki)

We got a picture again from Finland. Molli will attend her first show at the end of October. A Finnish breeder and judge saw Molli recently and liked her very much... so we have high hopes for Molli in the showring!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Young dogs day, Dutch Chow Chow Club

Last Sunday, September 20th, was the yearly Young Dogs Day organised by the Dutch Chow Chow Club.
Eoos, Endo and Chinka (Xin-Feng's Embla) were presented in the ring for the first time. This is not an official show, so no qualifications are given.The handling classes payed off, Eoos stood perfectly still and went good trough the ring. Only she did not like being touched by the judge, so that is important to do in the next handling classes.
After they had been in the ring, Peter Wellinga took a picture of every young Chow. Here is Endo:Chinka looked great, if you see something strange: she wore pants because she was in heat. She is an adorable and happy little Chow!Peter took a great picture of our three smooths:and a nice picture of me and Chimay.And here a picture I took of Chimay with her son and two daughters:Eoos had enough of all photocameras, but from a distance I took this headshot.And finally Endo proud with his ribbon (all young Chows got this ribbon).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

once more Gladdich

Today would have been his birthday...

I am working on a tribute for him on the website, but it will take time before it is finished. However I made an artwork for him that is on the site now. I relased a big update last wednesday (09/09/09), website Xin-Feng Chow Chows.

Friday, September 4, 2009


as we call it, I think the best translation would be handling class.

Every wednesday we train with our Chows for the show. Together with some others from the neighbourhood, all of them show and breed.
Last Wednesday I finally did NOT forget my camera ;-)

Val owns kennel "Rovamel", she teaches us. Her breed is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This week she had Digit and Poppy with her.

Val with Poppy

Gertrud owns kennel "van het Bovenwater", her breed is the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. She was with Talutah.

Gertrud and Talutah

Marijke owns a Dutch Shepherd shorthair Amazing, callname Stella, but usual she is training one of the Staffords from Val.


And then there are Frank and me with the smooth Chow Chows Chimay and Eoos; kennel "Xin-Feng".

Chimay and Eoos

Normally Chimay sits next to me and we watch the training together. But this time I was taking pictures so Chimay had to watch alone:

They have to learn to stand stil for some time:

And trotting through the showring

When the youngsters are done, the older dogs get their time too.
And Chimay showing off she knows what to do:
After the handling class Gertrude teached some basics of doggy-dance. That was fun for all.
It was a nice training, we are looking forward to next weeks class!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


A new car makes us drive, to get used and because it drives great.
Going for a ride is even better with a goal, so sunday we went to Klaaswaal to visit Ilone and Demi (Xin-Feng's Demeter).
It was a good visit, Ilone and I both took a lot of photos.

Frank, Eoos and ChimayChimay, Demi and EoosChimayEoos in actionDemi happy to see FrankEoos with two young Shiba Inu's: Baruda and Chimari (Ilone breeds Shiba Inu's)
On Ilone's weblog are more photos and some short movies (weblog in Dutch).

new car

After ten years and some we replaced our yellow Renault Kangoo.
On monday August 24th our new car finally arrived (we waited since May). A white Dacia Logan.
We got a sticker from Ilone with a photo of Demi (Xin-Feng's Demeter) on it. Frank had to be persuaded, but the sticker is on the car now ;-)


On August 2nd we visited Endo.
Endo, Eoos and Chimay


Teija mailed some photos of Molly (Xin-Feng's Eki), here nearly 5 months old.


Marcel gave me a lot of photos of Esmo (Xin-Feng's Esmoreit), Bono and Whoopi.
Bono is a great-uncle and Whoopi a (half) great-aunt of Esmo.

Esmo (April 30th, 2009)Marcel and Esmo (May 2nd, 2009)Whoopi and Esmo (May 2009)Bono and Esmo (May 2009)Bono, Esmo and Whoopi (June 2009)Esmo at the top of the stairs (June 2009)


We got a photo of Enrico (Xin-Feng's Erilo) at 3 months.

so much to tell....

My weblog is terribly behind. After Gladdichs death I was not in the mood to write anything. And then my laptop started to break down, the screen could not stay up and that is not workable, so we bought a new one.
I really dislike new things, so it took a while before I was used to Vista and had all my sofware working.

Today I am going to try to catch up, there is a lot to tell!