Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter fun

The day after Christmas and it good weather to take a walk in the Zuigerplaswood. Everyone enjoys the snow.ChimayEoosAri

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HD and ED results

Today we got the official HD and ED results from Eoos.
As expected it was not good at all: HD C and ED grade 3 (both sides)...
Eoos wil spend her life with us as beloved pet, as these results make her not fit for breeding. We hope to keep her in shape with limited excersise and a supplement containing Glucosamine, Chondroitine and MSM.
There won't be any Chow Chow pups born at our pace, at least for the next years.

Next week Endo's ellbows will be examined. If his ellbows are as bad, it will be the end of our small contribution to the Chow Chow breed...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

cosy picture

This morning, when Frank came home from work, all dogs snuggled up together with Daddy:Even Chimay gave permission to take her picture ;-)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ari in the snow

Winter came early this year, freezing weather and snow!
Ari never saw snow before, he likes it :-)
Today I took some nice pictures of him in the garden, playing with his snowy tennisball:Pekingese Ari in the snowPekingese Ari in the snowI thought this was the best picture of Ari today, just before he came back inside, snow still on his snoutPekingees Ariyou can see all pictures in our Picasa webalbum

And to my surprise the only picture of Chimay turned out rather well:smooth Chow Chow Chimay

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Last Monday we went to the vet with Eoos, her eyes were tearing again. We thought her tear duckts were blocked, and she was sedated to flush them. But it turned out she had a little curl in her eyelid, entropion, and she got surgery right away. While she was sedated the vet also took X-rays from hips and ellbows, for official HD and ED results. Her hips look allright, but her ellbows not :-(
We don't have the official results yet, but if they are what the vet suspects, Eoos is not fit for breeding, so our breeding days might be over.
After this we ended up in the worst evening traffic jam ever, so the drive home was not a bit more than an hour, but 4 1/2 hours!

Poor Eoos wears an Elizabethan collar now and that while she is in heat too, life ain't easy for a young Chow Chow... And neither for her owners...

Friday, November 26, 2010

France 2010 - part three

November 19th, 2010
The morning walk with Chimay and Eoos was nice and quiet. Sadly the walk with Ari went not so smooth... On the way back the rolleash fell out of my hands and got Ari scared. He ran back, crossed a busy road just behind a big truck and just before a car... Nearly the end of our little Ari.
He ran upon a hill where the rolleash got strangeld and I was able to catch him. SIGH I was shaking all over!

That afternoon we went to the beach, to catch some fresh air.Ari against the windThe Chow Chow ladies discovered fresh water in a river that ended at the beachChimay and Eoos in the riverEoos in the rivierEoos in de rivierEoos on the beachEoos on the beachAri againAri on the beachAri en ChimayAri and Chimay np the beachTwo pictures of the Mediterranean Sea:
Mediterranean SeaMediterranean Sea

Some water in the car before we go onEoos and Ari in the car
We drove to the old village of Gassin, upon the hill we can see from the appartment.A picture of La Croix-Valmer seen from GassinLa Croix-ValmerGassin is beautiful renovated, the capel (12th century)chapelFlowering bougainvillea in November!bougainvilleaFrank and Ari in GassinFrank and AriAll pictures of this day can be viewed at the Picasa webalbum.

November 20th
Still a bit shocked from yesterday but it is cleaning time, tomorrow we will travel back! Frank walked the dogs, so I could work on. The weather was awfull: rain, wind, showers and thunder. A good day to think about leaving LOL

November 21st
Everyone and everything packed into the car. Today we go to Luxembourg, we booked a hotel there.

November 22nd
Funny warning (for us, as we have no electronic navigation): situation changed, put your navigation off. Frank still trusts his Anita with her road maps.
Arrived at home at 4 pm and started the washing machine. That went well, but then the dryer broke down :-(
That resulted in this::socksAll washed socks on the radiator in the bathing room. Luckely the mechanic came the next day and repaired the dryer.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

France 2010 - part two

november 16th, 2010
We went to St Maxime, to the big Carefour supermarket as I needed a few things. First to an other store, a gardenstore that included an "animalerie" and I was curious, well animalerie is pet store in French. We bought some stuff for untangle Ari's fur, the last days it has been dufficult to comb him. Ari was happy with it and so was I.
Photo moment of the day: the Heineken van was unloadingHeineken
november 17th
Frank took Chimay for a good walk, to the beach and back again.

november 18th
Chimay and Ari slept together on the dogbed, when Eoos joined them. She stayed there long enough to take a pictureChimay, Eoos and AriEoos on the balconyEoosAri sleeping on the dog bedAriThen Eoos decided it was playingtimeEoosAri and EoosAri and EoosAriNo harm was done to any Pekingese during the play

When Chimay had enough of all the play around her, she hided on Franks lapFrank and ChimayMore photos at our Picasa webalbum.
Then it was time for my yealy bath, at home we have a shower, no bathtub ;-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

France 2010 - part one

November 10th/11th, 2010

We went on our way early in the morning, a cold and rainy November day, good day to leave for a vacation in the south of France ;-)
Ari thought traveling by car was great, a stop with a short walk nearby every two hours! We arrived at the hotel in Villefranche-Sud at seven, a small room, but big enough for the five of us. Next morning on our way again. At the second resting spot Eoos was happy, she recognised the place from last years vacation and she finally understood where we were going. When we arrived in La Croix-Valmer, Eoos and Chimay were glad to be back. Ari did not know what to think of it, but as long as everyone is near, he is happy. Frank and I were rather exhausted after the long drive, but because the shops downstairs were closed (don't know why), Frank had to drive again to get the groceries. He even managed to cook us a good meal! Then I walked the dogs an off to bed for a good night sleep.

November, 12th
A resting day for all of us, needed and well deserved.

November, 13th
Frank did a nice walk with Chimay, from the beach up to the village. I walked the youngsters on the beach. We planned our trip for the next day. On the road we saw, like last year and in 2005 road signs to Gap. Somhow both Frank and I were intrigued by that name, so we diceded to make a trip to Gap.

November, 14th
Gap was a little further away than we thought, my mistake, not 200 but 250 kilometer. We stopped at a rest area before Gap for a little walk. We could see a dam for hydropower:damand then the very blue river flows onriverFrank with Ari and ChimayFrank Ari ChimayIn Gap we went into the city with Ari, Chimay and Eoos stayed in the car, they don't like city walks. We had a delicious cup of coffee on a town square and saw this nice tower.Gap towerGap town squareA magnificent cathedral in GapGap cathedralAri did well for me, so Frank did not have to take care of me alone. He also made some other people happy, two older ladies recognised him immediately as a Pekingese. We did not understand all they were saying, but anyway, Ari made them happy.AriAri in front of the cathedralAri cathedral GapFrom Gap you can see the AlpesAlpenGap was a nice place to walk around, there is a good atmosphere in this city. It was a longer drive than expected, but well worth the drive!

november, 15th
A rainy day, I walked the dogs, when possible, between the showers and we took a resting day again. My right shoulder is hurting from a pulling Eoos and brushing Ari :-(

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Champion Demi

Yesterday at the show in Leuven (Belgium) Demi (Xin-Feng's Demeter) got BOS, with this win she got the last needed point for her Belgian Championship!
Congratulations Ilone and Demi, sorry Demi I will write down your complete name with titles: Neth. & Belg. Ch. Xin-Feng's Demeter Neth. Youth Ch..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Chimay!

Today Chimay is celebrating her sixth birthday.
Her littermates from our C-litter too, Happy Birthday Cajou, Chow, Cheina, Castro and Ginger!

To celebrate this special day, a few pictures of Chimay from the past year. I have not many pictures to choose from, as Chimay does not like to be pictured...
This was really a lucky shot, Chimay and Eoos playing in the garden.Chimay is not very playful, she does it maybe once a month for five or ten minutes ;-) June 17th I was lucky, I had the camera in my hands when Chimay and Eoos started to play.

Chimay at her best, perfectly groomed for the show in Groningen, March 6th, 2010.

Chimay in Klaaswaal after a good run with Eoos and Demi (Xin-Feng's Demeter), June 15th, 2010.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Chow Chow pups and more Chow Chow pups

Teija of kennel Basstrick's in Finland mailed us that Molli (Xin-Feng's Eki) got a litter of 7 at October 15th. On the picture is the sire Casper (Fin Ch Sherae Billi Billeri).

Molli got 4 males (1 fawn, 3 red) and 3 females (1 fawn, 2 red).Proud Mom!
And at Vita Texla Chow Chows on October 27th Vita Texla Lobke gave birth to 7 pups too, here the first picture of Vita Texla's L-litter:
I will enjoy all puppy pictures in the next weeks!