Wednesday, May 30, 2012

our new car !!

Today we got our new Volkswagen Polo.
It looks GREAT!
A Polo Highline color Hot Orange.
These days nearly all cars in this country are black, grey, greyish or white, we wanted COLOR on the road!

He/she has no name yet, we are thinking... ;-)

Oh, almost forgot: Chimay is very pleased, although there is less space in the back. Ari hasn't decided yet, because he has a sore back. We went to the vet yesterday as he could barely walk. It is his back, seems to be the muscle, so he got a painkiller and only short walks for a week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ari, the garden and update on me

Last Saturday was Ari's second birthday!

Ari on his birthday, not very happy
because Frank was away to Rotterdam all day...

In the garden the last "black" tulips bloom
And the first peonies!
Columbine with lady bug

I have been quiet lately, my TSH was too high again, so I had to take more Thyrax again. Then the Efexor did not do its work proper, so I had to slowly stop these. For a while I hoped to do without antidepressant, but them Depression kicked in hard, so now I am starting on Seroxat again. This gives some sideeffects at first too, very tired, sleeping a lot, but I know that will pass in some time.
So if I am still a bit quiet in the next weeks, you know why!