Saturday, June 30, 2012

Roses, mainly many roses this month

The red mini rose was the first in bloom this year. It is only 15 cm high and we were surprised it survived the cold this winter.

Then my favourite rose started to bloom: "The Prince", an English David Austin rose, deep red-purple and a strong spicy scent. I was a bit worried, as most branches were frozen dead in winter, but it came back strong with four flowers. Not an easy rose, but well worth the effords!

Rose "The Prince"

Most spectaculair and very easy to grow is the "Westerland" rose. A climbing rose with very many, sweet scented flowers. The buds are red-orange, almost the color of our car, the flowers start in orange and end in a pinkish color with a yellow heart.
One of the first flowers this year was this "siamese twin rose".

Rose "Westerland"

Rose "Westerland"

Ever faithful in bloom, easy, white and a light sweet scent, the rose "Schneewittchen", sometimes called "Iceberg". I have two of them in the garden. They flower very long, sometimes until December!

Rose "Schneewittchen"

Franks favourite is rose "Mein München", a red and yellow rose with a very light scent. A strong rose with deep green leaves.

Rose "Mein München"

In the back of the garden are some yellow roses. The rose "Marselisborg" is light yellow. It is in a bit dark part, so it does not flower very well, but the flowers are beautiful and it has a sweet scent.

Rose "Marselisborg"

A bit more in front is the "Easy Going" rose, a gold color and lightly fragrant. With the orange marigolds on the table in front and the yellow roses behind it conects the colors.

Rose "Easy Going"

An other English David Austin rose: climbing "Graham Thomas", a yellow, sweet scented, healthy rose. Although I sometimes wonder if this is indeed the climbing variant, as it doesn't reach very high. Anyhow a beautiful rose!

Rose "Graham Thomas"

The buds are dark yellow, the flowers start yellow and end light yellow and above all MANY flowers, that is the climbing rose "Lichtköningin Lucia". In the back of the garden the flowers almost give light.

Rose "Lichtköningin Lucia"

Rose "Lichtköningin Lucia"

In the back of the garden the Dutch Irises were in bloom early in June. An easy bulb that comes back faithfully each year.

Dutch irisses

Between the yellow roses the red lilies are in full bloom now.

At the end of May and early June clematis "The President" had its enormous blue flowers.

Clematis "The President"

Another clematis: "Niobe", exuberant in growth and flowering.

Clematis "Niobe"

And last but certainly not least, my faithfull companions in the garden.
Ari loves to lay in the shadow, with his long coat he doesn't do very well in heat.


Here is Chimay in front of the "Westerland" rose in full bloom.