Tuesday, March 18, 2008

poor Gladdich

It was an eventfull month for Gladdich.

He had trouble with his right knee for some time, it went off and on.
In January he started limping again, but this time it did not heal, so we went to our vet in Dronten.
She took x-rays of both knees and you could clearly see some difference. In the right knee there was more space between the upper and lower bone and the knee was a tad bit swollen.
So the vet sended us to De Tweede Lijn, where we got an appointment with othopedic vet Jauernig. We decided Gladdich would get surgery on February 29th, first artroscopy and if needed ACL surgery.

Gladdich in the garden, before surgery

On February 29th we went to the clinic in Wilhelminaoord. Frank had to work that night, so Jacqueline went with us. Frank, Chimay and I picked Gladdich up in the afternoon. Chimay was very happy to see Gladdich back, you never know what can happen if you leave your Chow-companion at a vet-clinic...
The arthroscopy revealed a damaged, but not completely broken, ligament. So they went on and put an artificial ligament in his knee.

Gladdich was very pitiful and the first night was terrible, a lot of whining and restless.
But he seemed to get better quickly, after two weeks we were optimistic about his recovery. Unfortunately last weekend he made a wrong turn or so (we did not see anything actually happening) and now his knee is swollen and painful again :-(

Friday we go back to the clinic, for the sceduled appointment after 3 weeks, so we wonder what the orthopedic vet has to say about it.