Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter in Lelystad and catching up

It has been freezing for some days and the trees are white with the frost.
The pampagrass and conifers look great too covered in frost.
Gladdich would like to spend all day outside in the garden, he loves the cold and dry weather. But he likes company too and the other family members prefer to be inside. Chimay has not yet regrown her fur (the old hair is nearly gone, but the new coat is not completely grown back yet), so her fur coat is not as warm as Gladdichs.
Gladdich had some trouble with his right knee. We don't think it is a ruptured ACL (yet), but he was limping earlier this month when the weather was very wet. We try to make his muscles stronger and take him for a leashed long walk every other day. It seems to help because the limping is getting less. We have had enough ACL surgeries for the rest of our life with Nemo and Pandora a few years back!

Life has changed with Frank having a job. Yesterday evening I was thinking how much more he does and can do, a world of difference in comparison with a year ago!
Wednesday evening he went to work the night, had a few hours sleep there and slept 3 hours back home. Then we went to Naaldwijk (nearly two hours dive with a lot of traffic) to see the psychiatrist and from there we went to my parents. And yesterday (Friday) Frank went to Rotterdam by train to visit his father, did some shopping and went to café Haagse Bluf to spend the evening with some friends, took the last train back to Lelystad and was home at 2:00, tired, but not exhausted.
This would not have been possible a year ago, the trip to Naaldwijk and my parents would have been so exhausting, he would need a week to recuperate. It is unbelievable two times a day half a Ritalin makes so much difference...

I am getting used being without Frank two nights a week. It is a tremendous help that I have some people here who I can call if needed. Not that I needed to call someone, but knowing thay are available gives me peace of mind.