Chow Chow

We have had smooth Chow Chows in our lives since 1995.
On this page photos of our smooth Chow Chows from present and past.

Nemo (1994-2006)
Pandora (1996-2004)

Callisto (2000-2006)
Gladdich (2006-2009)
Eoos (2009-2011)

We have a website devoted to Chow Chows Xin-Feng Chow Chows

- our Chows and other dogs of present and past
- all pups whelped at Xin-Feng
- many photos of our smooth Chow Chows
- Chow Chow breed info: history, character, training, standard and health
- genetics of color and coat in the Chow Chow breed