Saturday, December 31, 2011

last day of 2011

My last post in 2011, I will end the year with pictures of Frank, Chimay and Ari.
I am glad this year is almost over, it was not a good year with Eoos' death and my healthproblems. So I hope 2012 will be kinder to us.

Wishing all readers a happy and healthy 2012!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas time ...

... inside

This year I took the Chistmas decorations out, the last two years I was too tired to decorate the house.

In the kitchen the dracaena is upgraded to Christmas-tree

and one of the decorations is the Christmas-Chow I got ten years back from an American friend.

In the window a poinsettia, with Ampelmännchen-lights, a souvenir from our trip to Berlin in 1998.

The red Ampelmännchen

and the green Ampelmännchen.

The big faucet in the kitchen carries glass Chrismasbells, they jingle when we get some water.

... outside

As long as it is not freezing the rose "Schneewitchen" (also known as "Iceberg") keeps blooming...

And the Prunus Subhirtella "Autumnalis Rosea" started blooming, I love to have a tree that blossoms in winter!

Another nice picture of the Prunus Subhirtella "Autumnalis Rosea".
And Ari was wondering what I was doing in the garden...
the camera should be poited at HIM!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Last Friday I went to Almere with Chimay & Ari. There live Marco and Jolanda with four Pekingese, two of them are related to Ari: his litter sister Sacha and a black half-sister Dunja (she has the same sire).

Marco took some wonderfull pictures: