Friday, August 12, 2011


Despite the rainy weather we have had for weeks now, the roses do very well in the garden.
Last week, when I took pictures of the gardenhouse, I took some pictures of the roses too (in the half hour we actually had a bit of sunshine).
Here the roses "Nostalgie" and "The Prince" next to eachother.

The "Nostalgie" came last year, as Frank liked it, a two-colored rose, cream-white inside and red on the outside, with a sweet fragrance: "The Prince" stood for some years in my garden in Rotterdam and I took it when we moved to Lelystad. The first years here it did not bloom much, but I adored and cherished every flower it had.
It is a David Austin rose, purple-red with a special spicey scent. It is not an easy rose to grow, it wants attention, fertilizer and a moist ground. I think that he liked the exceptional sunny months of April and May this year, I have never seen it flowering for such a long time.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Villa Ari

After a very wet July, last week we finally had some dry days, so Marcel c.s. painted the gardenhouse. The colors will be the same as our house: "Boerencrème" (Farmers cream) and "Zaans groen" (Zaans green, Zaandam is a Dutch city, in the old city many houses originally were painted green...). The cream is done now, and again we are waiting for dry weather... so the rest can be done.

Last month my thyroid values (free T4 and TSH) were finally okay. Sadly I still feel way too tired... So I went back to my GP, who ordered bloodtests again. Thursday they draw some blood and next week I will hear the results...