Monday, January 28, 2008

Xin-Feng's Desdemona (Desna)

The last rough pup we visited was Desna (Xin-Feng's Desdemona), she lives in Veen.
She is growing into a beautiful Chow Chow, balanced and square. She is a happy little rascal, happy to see us again.

Desna had no plans to stand still for a photo:

Frank kept her on place, but you can see she did NOT like it:

for a cookie she would sit for a moment:

In short a cute and stubborn little Chow, who has a great home, again a good visit!


Gail said...

Lush Coat! I'll bet her adult coat is also going to be phenomenal. Gail

Eloise said...

Awwwwwww..... I want her ... I want her. This is the kind of Chow that I dearly love! She looks so very squeezable! Anita, do you think they would ship her to me asap?

My dear, you always have the most beautiful Chows! You must be very proud of your breeding skills. I am proud for you@