Sunday, January 27, 2008

Xin-Feng's Demeter (Demi)

For our next visit we went to Klaaswaal (near Rotterdam) to see smooth Demi.
She was very happy to see us and lives a good life with Ben and Ilone and all their Shiba Inu's. Demi looks a lot like her mother Chimay, she has the same deep red color.

Ben and Ilone live in a big old farmhouse and have fenced a huge pasture for their dogs. It is great to have such a private place to walk the dogs!

We went with Demi to the pasture and took Chimay and Gladdich, who had been waiting in the car, to walk them too.
Unfortunately Gladdich did not recognise Demi, so we put him back in the car.
Chimay was in heat, so she was not very interested in Demi.

I took some photos, here you can see Chimay, Demi and Ben:

Frank and Demi:

Frank, Chimay, Ben and Demi

Then Demi was brought back to the house, so Gladdich could run loose.
I have Gladdich always on the leash, he does not accept strange dogs near him. He fairly ignores other dogs on our regular walk at home, I worked hard to get him this far. With the flexi he does have some space to run, but it is not the same as running off leash.
Gladdich loves people, here you see him cuddling with Ben:

One more time Gladdich, running happely:

Then we put Chimay and Gladdich back into the car and chatted some more about dogs in general, Shiba's and Chows. It was a nice afternoon in Klaaswaal.

Ilone wrote about the visit too in her weblog (in Dutch).

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Eloise said...

Anita & Frank,
What wonderful pictures of you and Gladich & Chimay. You are so right ... Demi looks very much like his Mama! What a wonderful home Demi has been able to belong to. He will have a great life there, with so much freedom and loving people to care for him. You made great choices in selecting the people to whom your babies would go to.