Friday, January 25, 2008

Xin-Feng's Draupadi (Demi)

On January 25th we went to Herpen, there lives rough Demi (her smooth sister is called Demi too, that is why I add the coatlength).

Just like Dante she barked at us, but soon she stopped and came over for some hughs.
She is a very happy Chow. She only dislikes being alone. She rarely sits still, always moving around, so taking pictures was not easy...
Demi and Frank.

Do you like me? I like me!

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Eloise said...

Anita & Frank,

Demi is a beautiful girl. Her coat appears to be so very lovely, and the shade of red is very good. I am so happy that your fur kids have gone to such wonderful homes, and I know this must be so rewarding to you to see them doing so well.
Thanks for giving me my puppy fix today! Love to you and Chimay and Gladdich!