Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a visit to our Chow family on Texel

Today we went to Nel and Henk on Texel.
Noes (Xin-Feng's Anouska), from our first litter, lives there with 5 daughters and a granddaughter. Last July she had her 10th birthday and still looking great:
The owners of Radja (Vita Texla Radja) spended this day on Texel too, and dropped by. Radja is a brother from Callisto and Susie, from Noes' first litter. You wouldn't give him nearly 8 years ;-)
I took pictures of all the Chows for the Vita Texla Chow Chows website (in Dutch).

Here a picture of Nel and Laika together on the couch.
It was a good day, just a bit too much three visits in 10 days time. But I was happy to see Noes and she was very happy to see Fank and me, not only her tail, but her whole body wagged.

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