Sunday, February 22, 2009

curled up and stretched out

Chimay curled up on the couch, not completely curled up because of the belly.
At the same moment Gladdich stretched out on the dogbed.

And one more time Gladdich.


Kennel of Zheng He said...

It's so nice :D How impatient I am to discover the puppies !!!

Chimay and Gladdich said...

So are we Cindy!
Weighed her today and she gained 6 kilo, so we wonder how many are in there ;-)


Kennel of Zheng He said...

Wooooooooow 6 kilos it's a lot !!! 8D !!!

Chimay and Gladdich said...

yes you may say it is a lot!
We are anxious to see how big and how many are inside ;-)