Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a lot of fun with a cardbord box

Today the pups played in the garden.
We put some items to play in their puppy-pen. Gave me the chance to take some nice pictures!


Kennel of Zheng He said...

They are so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice !!!!

What wonderfull pictures !!!

I'm in love <3

Chimay and Gladdich said...

thank you Cindy

It is a great litter, we have so much fun with them!
We are in love too, so Eoos is going to stay ;-)


Kennel of Zheng He said...

That is good new !!! and I see that Cracker's owners take another puppy from you :D I'm sooooooooooooooooooo much happy for them <3

Chimay and Gladdich said...

yes, it is good news, as this is Chimay's last litter. We had hoped that giving birth would be easier the second time, but it was not.

So we hope to carry on with Eoos.

Yes, Egoi is going to France, we are glad they wanted a puppy from us again.

Millie Muppet said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful pups Anita. They look so nicely balanced as well as such fun!

You can call me Sara or a(n) . . . said...

Aawww, thank you so much for posting these pics! The pups remind me of my own cats when I give them an empty box to play with. :)

Chimay and Gladdich said...

thanks Sara
for leaving a comment here.
In some ways Chows are like cats ;-)

Chimay and Gladdich said...

thanks Layla & Millie
Yes, they are balanced, we were very proud of this litter.