Friday, September 4, 2009


as we call it, I think the best translation would be handling class.

Every wednesday we train with our Chows for the show. Together with some others from the neighbourhood, all of them show and breed.
Last Wednesday I finally did NOT forget my camera ;-)

Val owns kennel "Rovamel", she teaches us. Her breed is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This week she had Digit and Poppy with her.

Val with Poppy

Gertrud owns kennel "van het Bovenwater", her breed is the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. She was with Talutah.

Gertrud and Talutah

Marijke owns a Dutch Shepherd shorthair Amazing, callname Stella, but usual she is training one of the Staffords from Val.


And then there are Frank and me with the smooth Chow Chows Chimay and Eoos; kennel "Xin-Feng".

Chimay and Eoos

Normally Chimay sits next to me and we watch the training together. But this time I was taking pictures so Chimay had to watch alone:

They have to learn to stand stil for some time:

And trotting through the showring

When the youngsters are done, the older dogs get their time too.
And Chimay showing off she knows what to do:
After the handling class Gertrude teached some basics of doggy-dance. That was fun for all.
It was a nice training, we are looking forward to next weeks class!

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