Sunday, October 25, 2009

Miniature Bull Terriers

Yes, you read it right, no I don't want one, although the are very cute ;-)

Val asked me if I wanted to write the critiques at the clubmatch of the Dutch Miniature Bull Terrier friends. The judge was from England, so they needed someone who could write Eglish well enough.
Frank went with me to take over if necessary, Chimay went as my Service Dog and Eoos went to get used to shows. Val was ring commissaris and Marijke joined us too.
Left the judge, behind the table me (Anita) and Val.
It went very well, there were not many Miniature Bull Terriers (18), so it was not a lot of writing. Chimay stayed all the time behind my chair: and Frank and Eoos watched it al from a side:
It was a good day.
Eventually I would do it again ;-)

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