Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and more snow

The world is white, or better is still white, since December 17th we have had snow nearly all the time.
Chimay and Eoos look great with their red coats in the snow. But I kept forgetting my camera when I walked them.
Last Sunday I finally took te camera with me ;-)

left or right?



Eoos in an all white world

After playing Chimay wanted to run away, but ultimately decided to come back. When she is like that I put her on the Flexi. Eoos is in heat, so when I saw some other dogs, she was put back on the Flexi as well. With two Flexi's it is impossible to take pictures, but I was not completely happy with the pictures I had taken.
The other dogs were the three from Illona and she was taking pictures as well, with help of her boyfriend. So when she was finished I asked her to take some of my girls:
Chimay and Eoos


Thanks Illona!


Merlin & MeiMei said...

oh look at the beautiful snow Chows!!!

Chimay and Eoos said...

thank you Merlin!