Sunday, February 21, 2010

Enrico (Xin-Feng's Erilo)

Yesterday we went to Nijmegen to visit Enrico (Xin-Feng's Erilo) and his owners.
Enrico was happy to see us bak.He leaned over the fence to greet us.Enrico and his owner Hubert.After a nice cup of coffee we went outside to get Chimay and Eoos out of the car and to take some pictures:Enrico has grown into a handsome dog!
As usual Chimay ruined my try to take a picture of them all...But Marijke managed to take a good one, from left to right Eoos, Chimay and Enrico:Enrico and Eoos meet:It was good to see Enrico, Hubert and Marijke again and we were happy to see how fond they are of eachother.

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