Tuesday, November 23, 2010

France 2010 - part one

November 10th/11th, 2010

We went on our way early in the morning, a cold and rainy November day, good day to leave for a vacation in the south of France ;-)
Ari thought traveling by car was great, a stop with a short walk nearby every two hours! We arrived at the hotel in Villefranche-Sud at seven, a small room, but big enough for the five of us. Next morning on our way again. At the second resting spot Eoos was happy, she recognised the place from last years vacation and she finally understood where we were going. When we arrived in La Croix-Valmer, Eoos and Chimay were glad to be back. Ari did not know what to think of it, but as long as everyone is near, he is happy. Frank and I were rather exhausted after the long drive, but because the shops downstairs were closed (don't know why), Frank had to drive again to get the groceries. He even managed to cook us a good meal! Then I walked the dogs an off to bed for a good night sleep.

November, 12th
A resting day for all of us, needed and well deserved.

November, 13th
Frank did a nice walk with Chimay, from the beach up to the village. I walked the youngsters on the beach. We planned our trip for the next day. On the road we saw, like last year and in 2005 road signs to Gap. Somhow both Frank and I were intrigued by that name, so we diceded to make a trip to Gap.

November, 14th
Gap was a little further away than we thought, my mistake, not 200 but 250 kilometer. We stopped at a rest area before Gap for a little walk. We could see a dam for hydropower:damand then the very blue river flows onriverFrank with Ari and ChimayFrank Ari ChimayIn Gap we went into the city with Ari, Chimay and Eoos stayed in the car, they don't like city walks. We had a delicious cup of coffee on a town square and saw this nice tower.Gap towerGap town squareA magnificent cathedral in GapGap cathedralAri did well for me, so Frank did not have to take care of me alone. He also made some other people happy, two older ladies recognised him immediately as a Pekingese. We did not understand all they were saying, but anyway, Ari made them happy.AriAri in front of the cathedralAri cathedral GapFrom Gap you can see the AlpesAlpenGap was a nice place to walk around, there is a good atmosphere in this city. It was a longer drive than expected, but well worth the drive!

november, 15th
A rainy day, I walked the dogs, when possible, between the showers and we took a resting day again. My right shoulder is hurting from a pulling Eoos and brushing Ari :-(

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