Thursday, January 20, 2011

human medical troubles

I have been very tired and slow for the past months, at first we thought I had a major depression again, but upping my meds did not help.

So I finally went to my doctor (did I mention I don't like doctors?) over a week ago, the next day there was blood drawn (dit I mention I don't like needles?) and the bloodtest showed my thyroid does not work well, probably for a long time, as it was/is servere and I was send to the hospital right away (did I mention I really dislike hospitals?). Was there the whole afternoon, blood drawn again and many questions answered to the coassistent (that is a doctor in his last years of his training for a specialism) of Internal. There was taken a heartfilm too and that was not completely as is should be, so while waiting for the okay to leave from the cardiologist, I panicked big time and left.

Tomorrow there will be taken an echo of my heart.
I have no diagnose for the thyroid, it could be infectious, it could be Hashimoto's, we don't know yet. February 11th I will see the internist, or he will see me is probably a better way of saying I have an appointment.
My brain is a bit foggy.
And February 1th I have an apointment with the cardiologist.

I am taking thyroid-pills now and feel off and on sometimes within a few minutes time.

the symptoms of van hypothyroidism are partly the same as Major Depression list of symptoms (Wikipedia)

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