Sunday, February 13, 2011

Companion and Toy Dogs Show

Today Ari went with Marijke and Valentina to the Companion and Toy Dogs Show in Zutphen. First time in the Youth Class, Ari was yesterday exactly 9 months.

The judge was Mrs Zwaartman-Pinster, just as at the FlevoDogMatch in september.
On the left Ari at the table with the judge and Marijke, Ari got an Excellent 2nd place in the Youth Class.

Ari and his littersister Sacha. Sacha got Excellent, 2nd place in the Youth Class too. And she got the reserve CAC!

Team Ari: Marijke, Valentina and Ari.And a last picture of Ari in Zutphen.


Amy said...


Talented K9

Chimay and Eoos said...

thank you!

Blueberry said... love that dogs!

Xin-Feng said...

thanks Blueberry
we love them too ;-)