Monday, September 3, 2012

a short trip

At the end of August Franks aunt has moved to an other nursing home, where she has a room of her own. She was not happy in the previous place where she had a shared room. It was a lot of work, but we managed with some help of friends.

The appartment of Franks father is as good as sold, transfer date is October 5th, we do hope nothing goes wrong, then Frank can settle the last things of the inheritance between him and his sister and remove this burden from his plate.

Ever since his father went to hospital at the end of January, Frank has had not enough rest, so we booked for a mid-week (from Monday afternoon until Friday morning) at a cheap holliday-park in Limburg to get some rest.

where we stayed

next to a large field and a "castle" for the kids to play

It was a bit small, but doable for four nights ;-)

Ari on the stairs

Chimay on the terrace

no fence, so the dogs are on a long lead outside

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