Friday, September 28, 2012

Floriade, second visit
- part 2: Tropical treasures

Another highlight of our Floriade visit was the tropical greenhouse.

Living jewels from all over the world are gathered in this big greenhouse named Tropical Treasures.

The path to the entrance went between high growing bamboo, and hidden within some statues like this Buddha.

A bit further stood this giant crane in modern style.

When we entered the greenhouse it was unbelievable, so many beautiful flowers all around: orchids, passionflowers and many more.
I took lots of pictures. Here a small selection of them, starting with some passionflowers.
above passiflora "Purple Rain Maxima"
Left passiflora "Imperatrice Eugenie", right passiflora "Constance Elliot"

I don't know the name of this koral red passionflower

orange hibiscus

left gloriosa, right ipomoea

giant leaves grow nearly to the top of the greenhouse

and many, many orchids in difrent colors and shapes

I have never seen so many wonderful and beautiful flowers together, truely Tropical Treasures!

to be continued

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