Friday, September 28, 2012

Floriade, second visit
- part 3: and more


One of the things I had missed at my first visit was the rosegarden.
It was a bit disappointing, only a few roses smelled nice, the others had no fragrance at all...

Anyway, there was MUCH more to see!


We walked upon the hill of the theatre.
There was a group of singers on stage and we could hear them clearly.

On the top of the hill we had a great view over the Floriade. In front the Aqua pavilion, in the back the Innovatower, where we entered the Floriade.
Guido on top of the hill

Celtic tree calendar

On a big stone in the middle of the place was an explanation of the Celtic tree calender.
The Celtic tree calendar divides the year in 39 periods of 1 or 10 days, ruled by a tree. Our date of birth gives our life-tree. The calendar has 21 trees, most of them rule a time in spring and a time in autumn. Then there are 4 holy trees oak, beech, birch and olive, those are connected to special days that mark the change of seasons.

The 21 trees are planted in a large circle. Between the middle stone and the trees were stones with dates, pointing to one of the trees.

Guido and I shared our tree
Guido and Ari next to the cypress


Walking on we discovered the cloth-tree, an oak covered with knitted cloths.

Tourists from all over the world visit here.

Ari was very content with the stroller.
He got a lot of attention and was able to see everything :-)

Wooden shoes, at least six foot tall, in front of the House of Taste.

pavilion My Green World

The building of the Dutch government, called My Green World, is an eyecatcher. It is made from wood and glass.

Inside you can see how it is constucted, almost a work of art!
Inside there were presentations of horticultural innovations, like floating farming. Crops can be harvested more times a years and it needs less space.

In Bangladesh are projects with floating farming for farmers who have lost their ground due to the flood; article about floating farming in Bangladesh.

Outside floating crops too, the red leaves look extra shiny against the white styrofoam!
Ari tired
but unable to nap, each time he wanted to close his eyes for a bit, he heard of smelled something and had to see what was going on ;-)



Many buildings on the Floriade had roofgardens. They add green to building, isolate it and help to reduce CO2.

This building was designed and constructed by students of the agricultural education from the South of the Netherlands.

De plants are growing in large containers that gradually go up, with a path next to them, so you can climb to the top of the building.
our route at the Floriade

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