Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the Floriade - part one

The Floriade was one of the reasons to visit Limburg this year. Twenty years ago we visited the Floriade in Zoetermeer, that was great. We did not go to the Floriade ten years ago, as dogs were not permitted there. This time dogs were welcome again, so Frank, I, Chimay & Ari went to Venlo.
From the parking place to the entrance there were going free busses. Frank was afraid we had to walk it, but I had visited the website and noted that the busses were there.
The start was good, even the entrance cards were good looking!
Map of the Floriade
I briefly studied the map and we decided to go to the Green Engine and Relax & Heal (on the right at the map) and after that we would see how much energy and/or time was left to see more.

Walking to the Green Engine building we passed these beautiful ponds.

In the building we saw an orchid exposition, some were really stunning!.

A little further this indoor garden with big cactuses and hanging plants.

Outside my eye fell on this roof, a combination of solar panels and green roofing (sedum).

Frank got all exited over the Stelcon plates. They remind him of the Rotterdam harbour... I would make him extreme happy if I allowed some of those in our garden, well... maybe... someday ;-)
I must admit that the Stelcon plates were perfectly placed here. They are often used on building sites, but never this impeccable.
We rested a while on the terrace, it was an unexpected warm day. Got some water for ourselves and the dogs.

I have so much more to tell about our visit to the Floriade, way to much for one post. The last picture is our route through the Floriade, there is more to come!

our route through the Floriade


Merlin & MeiMei said...

Dogs seem to be welcomed at many more public places there than they are here in North America! Bravo.

Xin-Feng Chow Chows said...

Yes, I am so happy to live on this side of the Atlantic ;-)

Genny T said...

Where was the one 10 years ago held? I remember my father and stepmother talking about it, as they lived in the Netherlands then. Shame they didn't let dogs into that one!

Xin-Feng Chow Chows said...

Genny, 10 years ago it was in the Haarlemmermeer, 20 years ago it was in Zoetermeer.

Yesterday they announced that the next Floriade in 2022 will be in Almere, that is not far from Lelystad!