Sunday, January 14, 2007


Gladdich the Grey celebrated his four months yesterday.
Time flies, where is that little puppy gone?
He grows like weed...
Yesterday the weather wasn't good enough to take pictures. But it was good enough to go to the Zuigerplas-wood and have a good walk. Chimay and Gladdich had a good time.
Today it looks more like it, some sun, although there is still a lot of wind blowing. But it is better, we had all week clouds, wind and rain. Even Gladdich got enough of it and is today a lot happier.
On our morning walk Gladdich even went into the pond, just wading and jumping through the water.
He thought it was a lot of fun. Chimay looked fairly annoyed by his puppy antics...
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The afternoon we spend in the garden, again taking pictures.
Gladdich likes that, but Chimay does not... But I managed to get them together on a picture. Gladdich is nearly as big as Chimay!
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Then we got unexpected visitors. Selma came with Whoopi and Misty, they are smooth Chow Chows too. Whoopi is black and 4 days older as Chimay; Misty is blue and a month younger as Gladdich. They had fun together in the garden. And everybody was happy when we went for a walk again!
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