Sunday, January 7, 2007

chair or couch

Finding a comfortable place to sleep is important!
Chimay was our first Chow who dared to use Franks chair. The Chows before her only came there when Frank was there too, for a comfortable rest on his lap.
But Chimay decided one day it would make a nice place to rest.
She does not complain when we send her away, so we agreed.

The chair was also a good hiding place to keep away from Gladdich. Unfortunately pups grow, grow fast, so the day came that Gladdich could climb up there too.

Gladdich came up and conquered...
I am not sure they ever imagined this use at Montis, when they started to produce Gerard van den Bergs design...

His grey fur does match on the red!

Chimays color is a better match with the couch, an other favourite spot.

Her greatgrandmother, Pandora, used to lay there too.

Gladdich is learning to sit quietly on Franks lap, although he starts with washing his head...

...and ears.

when that is done it is time to lay down.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anita: Thanks so much for starting this blog and I just enjoyed reading about how Chimay and Gladdich love Frank's red chair and love the pictures of them laying there enjoying the chair too. So funny seeing Gladdich washing Frank's face that is too cute and too precious. We got a lot of snow today and hopefully I will try and take some pictures on the weekend. Viv & Nookie

Chimay and Gladdich said...

thanks Vivian
for leaving a note here.
They like our furniture LOL Although Gladdich is sleeping on the dog-bed right now.
We have again rain and storm, some snow and a bit colder weather sounds good to me. Chimay and Gladdich would like that better too.
I hope to see some photos soon.

Anonymous said...


I have been working hard all day, here at work, and so I decided I needed a break. I read your Blogs and it cheered me right up. I never knew that you have panic attacks. I had them for many years, and 3 out of four of my children have also had them. My oldest daughter suffered with them for 14 years, but no longer. I hope so much you will get over these. I know how difficult it can be. XOXO Eloise