Thursday, January 4, 2007

a rainy, but enjoyable day

I, Chimay aka myself, am feeling better today, finally the heat is over and I am able to take care of my mom again. As long as these hormones rage through my body I am not much of a psychatric service dog...

What's that a PSD you ask?
Good question, but not easy to answer.
It is a long tradition here at home, but my mom never knew there were more dogs in the world doing the same job. She found some others through the internet and realised we do the same.
Well, myself does the same and Gladdich is still learning.

Like the Chows (and others) before myself, we try to warn mom if she gets too stressed, or gets near a panick attack. If she faints, because she was stressed for too long, we sit next to her, watching over her, maybe lick her face until she comes back.
We accompany her when she wants to go out, amongst other mental issues, she has servere agoraphobia and without us she would not leave the house.

But back to today, we had a nice walk this morning, Myself could walk off leash again and Gladdich was happy romping around. He is a nuisance at times (those nasty sharp puppy theeth!), but I think he will grow up to be a helper for mom too.
And in the afternoon we walked with the whole pack, dad included! I love it when he goes with us, he takes care of mom and we can freely sniff and run around.

Now we are back home, I crashed on the couch and Gladdich on the dogbed, two happy Chow Chows.

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