Tuesday, January 9, 2007

too many people

On Saturday I had an overdose of people.

Somehow an organised walk went along a part of our daily walking route. Unable to change my routine, we had to share the path for 50 meters or so. Because Gladdich likes people a little too much (he runs towards strangers, even jumps up to get attention), I had put him on leash to prevent these things from happening. But the walking gang almost walked over Gladdich and walked me from the pathway... depressing...

It was even worse than I thought at first, I was walking with Frank and the Chows that afternoon and two boys ahead, next to the path made me panick and change the route.

I must say verything is worse at the moment. In December I started to change my medication, after years of using Seroxat (named Paxil in other parts of the world), it did not do much good anymore. It never worked well against my phobias, but it did keep the depresssion away. But I became more and more inactive, not able to break the journey downhill.
Especially with a pup in the house the inertia became painfully clear.

Slowly stopping with the Seroxat and after that started with Lexapro. Chimay had a clear opinion about the new medication: NO GOOD at all (I really should rely more on my Chow Chows and their opinion!), she did not trust the Lexapro. But I was thinking these are just adjustment problems, just go on a bit longer and it will go away!
So the December month became a psychic rollercoaster, changing moods within the minute, opposite feelings at the same time, no hunger, eating like mad, extremely phobic and getting depressed. Cosulted my psychatrist, try a higher dose, but that was no help either.
After visiting my psychatrist earlier this month, we decided to slowly stop with the Lexapro. The mood changes are getting less frequent, not within the minute but in within 5 minutes now and again lethargic, extreme sensible, phobic and depressed.

Going to try the next medication somewhere at the end of this month.


Fiddy said...


First I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Bob Fiddaman and I live in the UK.

For sometime now I've been campaigning here in the UK regarding the dangers of Seroxat

My blog, Seroxat Sufferers, Stand Up and Be Counted, blows the lid on the corrupt activities between the makers of Seroxat, Glaxosmithkline, and the
Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

It's really time for you all to stand up and be counted and to make noises regarding the suppression of the clinical trails for Seroxat. .We, a group
of campaigners, are pushing for the drug to be banned completely as collectively we have all found evidence that Glaxosmithkline also suppressed the adult clinical trial evidence.

The side effects of this drug can be debilitating, I know - I was on it for 6 years - try to wean off it for 18 months until eventually going cold turkey - that was actually the worst three months of my life but I had made
the decision that it was not going to run my life anymore.

Read the articles on my blog from your average Joe, hear stories of the zaps, the suicidal thoughts, the homicidal thoughts, the feeling of helplessness and lack of empathy toward others. Watch videos and see or at least judge for yourselves if Glaxosmithkline are lying.

Yes, it helps some people but more and more people are coming forward now with their horror stories.

Anyway, enough of the chat.

Pay my site a visit, it's already being monitored by GSK and the MHRA - They can't do anything about it because it will highlight the cause. You will be astounded at the correspondence I have had with the MHRA and receently they
have actually tried to gag me by throwing a copyright act in the mails they send me. Bit I refuse to bow down to this bullying. The public have a right to know exactly what is going on with the prescribed drugs we take.

Everyone deserves proper
healthcare - Seroxat, as we know it can be fatal.

Thank you for the rant and I hope to hear from you should you wish to pay a visit to my blog.

I can be contacted at fiddaman64atblueyonder.co.uk and my blog can be found at http://fiddaman.blogspot.com

I look forward to hearing from you

Bob Fiddaman, UK

Chimay and Gladdich said...

thanks for your comment Bob

I have had benefits from the use of Seroxat, but after 5 years it started to be less effective and I agree, I was less emphatic.

Now I am on Efexor, for the moment it seems to work, but I know almost the same stories can be (and are) told about this drug.

Similair things are happening in other fields, I try to be a good mom to my dogs and switched them to a raw diet. Vaccines, also a wealth of trouble, but silence from manufactures...

We live in strange times, my friend.

Anonymous said...

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