Wednesday, February 14, 2007

bittersweet memories

Spend the last week scanning photos. I was working on Pandora's photo album, but there were too few digital photos on my computer. And my father gave me his old scanner on my birthday, it may be an old one in his eyes, it is much better as my own scanner.

Rewrote Pandora's page, so now there is a virtual monument for Pandora too on the website. She was a red smooth Chow Chow, Chimay's great-granddam.
Bittersweet memories...

Saw my psychiatrist yesterday, we should have been there last thursday, but the weather was so bad, we decided not to travel that day.
The Remeron does a good job, I am less depressed, but still very easy out of balance. So now Effexor is added, it will take a while to find the right mix that makes me less depressed AND more balanced...

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