Monday, May 31, 2010

Joop Bezemer (1927 - 2010)

Franks mother, my mother in law, died last week.
I never realised it, but a death gives a lot to do.
At first the arrangements for the funeral.
Also all kind of practical things like canceling memberships, inform the authorities and relevant organisations about her passing and remove her belongings from her house...

Thursday Frank and I went to the funeral-home in Vlissingen.She laid there peacefull in the coffin. Farewell Ma, rest in peace...

Then we went on to her home in Middelburg. It was strange to be there without her.
It has not always been easy between her and me, but lately our relation was better then before.

She was 83 years old, born in Rotterdam.
Married a sailor, divorced. Good times, bad times.
Some photo albums and a few other things are now here in our house in Lelystad, the remains of a lifetime.

Today is the funeral, Frank is there accompagnied by his friend Wilco.
Frank is going to read a poem by Bert Schierbeek (translated by me):

when it is raining
I think
don't let her get wet

and when it is storming
won't she get cold

and I think
that thinking
is no help

because you will never
get wet nor cold

because it rains
nor storms ever
again for you


Susan said...

wow. that translation appears to be very well done Anita. Powerful.

SO sad. Lovely photos.


Chimay and Eoos said...

Thank you Susan

It is indeed a powerful poem.