Friday, October 29, 2010

Chow Chow pups and more Chow Chow pups

Teija of kennel Basstrick's in Finland mailed us that Molli (Xin-Feng's Eki) got a litter of 7 at October 15th. On the picture is the sire Casper (Fin Ch Sherae Billi Billeri).

Molli got 4 males (1 fawn, 3 red) and 3 females (1 fawn, 2 red).Proud Mom!
And at Vita Texla Chow Chows on October 27th Vita Texla Lobke gave birth to 7 pups too, here the first picture of Vita Texla's L-litter:
I will enjoy all puppy pictures in the next weeks!

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