Thursday, October 21, 2010


Monday we went to Noordwijk, where Mr and Mrs Choudhuri from Berlin (Germany) enjoyed a short holliday on the Dutch coast. Of course Angel (Xin-Feng's Angel) came with them, the rough dog from our first litter. Twelve years old, but still going strong. He does not walk very fast and is a bit stiff in the joints, but otherwise in good condition for a twelve year old Chow Chow. It took a bit longer than previous times before Angel recognised us.
The pictures are not great, I took them from the appartment on the 4th floor.
Mr Choudhuri just went for a walk with Angel when we arrived, so I went to the balcony to take a few pictures.
It was a nice afternoon. We kept our gang in the car until Angel went to the balcony to get some sleep. Then Ari made sure he was the center of all attention, he really LOVES human attention! Angel was happy to stay away from all the fuss.

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