Tuesday, October 19, 2010

two Excellent and one Very Promising

Last Thursday I took my camera with me to our handling class, to take pictures of the three dogs Valentina and Marijke took to the show in Zwolle. All three were first in their class!
From left to right:

Butterfly (callname Hella, Dutch Shepherd shorthair, 1 Excellent Youth class, the first point to become Dutch Youth Champion!)

Rovamel's Vanity Valiant (callname Poppy, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 1 Excellent Open class and reserve CAC / CACIB!)

Dango (callname Ari, Pekingese, 1 Very Promising Baby class)The weather was not great for taking pictures, but I tried to take a nice one of each, Hella, Stella's daughter:and PoppyTaking a picture of Ari was a challenge...
He did NOT want his picture taken, did NOT want to stand and did NOT want to walk...
For a few goodies he might do something. But he was still avoiding the camera. Back to Valentina for a goodie and some cuddling! Since the show in Zwolle Valentina is on Ari's list of favorite people too.

Finally I took some reasonable pictures, but Ari shows that he did NOT like itAri was happy to be home again!

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