Thursday, May 16, 2013

Midweek in Sauerland, part 4: Frankenberg

After my walk through Niedersfeld and a good breakfast, we went on our way to Frankenberg. A surprisingly beautiful old town, first we visited the Liebfrauenkirche.

a gorgeous beast cut out of a stone near the entrance

tombstone of Caspar Tholde, 16th century with a pentagram on the top

A lot of the art that once was in this church was destroyed in the Reformation in 1606, but a few sculptures of Tyle von Frankenberg (14th century) were spared. Here pictures of the statues of John the Baptist, an apostle and Christ.

Gethsemane, also by Tyle von Frankenberg

The stained glass was mostly destroyed too, the few remaining windows look pretty.

And there was more: a richly painted ceiling, a very special organ (20th century) and art by Ansgar Nierhoff, sadly I have no pictures of his art.

After all nature of the past days it was good to see some culture ;-)

We walked back to the center of the town to see the town hall. Here a small tower on the back of the town hall, again both roof and wall covered in shingles.
frontside of the townhall with Lady Justice and a clock

We had a cup of coffe at restaurant "Die Sonne Frankenberg" on the townsquare next to the town hall. The employees were baffled by these strange foreigners who kept sitting outside when it started to rain... But we were dry under a parasol.

After tis little break we drove on to the Edersee
saw a bit of the roof of Schloss Waldeck

Back in Niedersfeld I finally wanted to know what was behind my initials... We had passed here a few times.

Oh, stupid me, I should have known: Ave Maria.

Looking inside is a bit disappointing after all the beauty we saw in the Liebfrauenkirche in Frankenberg!
Last picture of our short vacation, Frank, Chimay and Ari at the Hillestausee, whrer we had again a nice walk.

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