Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frank and Wilco went to Islay

In November Frank and Wilco went to Scotland for a short vacation.
Frank had his 51st birthday on November 25th and Wilco his 49th on November 28th, so together they are now 100 years! To celebrate this they planned a trip to the island Islay, as they both like the malt whisky's from Islay.

It started not very well, as the KLM had cancelled their flight to Glasgow and forgot to tell them. So they were way to early on Schiphol for the next flight was in the afternoon. Their first day should have been spend in Glasgow, but instead was mostly spend on the airport. They were on time in Glasgow to catch the flight to Islay.

two nights in B&B The Grange on Islay
The first distillery they visited was Laphroaig, both Frank and Wilco own for life a square foot of land there and planted their flag!

Frank and Wilco at their square foot at Laphroaig

Lagavulin, where Frank tasted the best whisky at this trip, and Ardberg

of course Frank and Wilco find the only brewery of Islay Islay Ales too!

beautiful Islay

a picture of Frank and a beautiful sunset

an other attraction of Islay is the very old (800 AD) Keltic Kildaton Cross next to the roofless remains of a church from the same time

the oldest distillery on Islay is Bowmore

the youngest distellery is Kilchoman

the last distillery visited was Bruichladdich, our late blue smooth Chow Chow Gladdich was named after this place.

the village Bowmore with the church on the hill

no Gladdich, but a street named Sraid A' Chladaich and an old synagogue

In two days Frank and Wilco saw all Islay distilleries and visited a few of them, sadly they had to leave Islay and went back to Glasgow.

Islay Airport

One night in Glasgow and some time for sightseeing and shopping!

Frank in Glasgow with his new Sherlock Holmes hat

And then back home, Chimay, Ari and I were very happy when Frank returned!

Many thanks to Wilco for the pictures.
Website of Islay

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