Wednesday, August 21, 2013

from Pekingese Ari's diary
(August 21st, 2013)

I am bored... Even outside there is nothing going on...

But... wait a minute... Do I hear someone coming this way?

Hey, there is Els! I have to talk with her!
Wroof, arf arf woof, arf wroof!

She does not understand me, but she knows what I mean.

Even more fun, Jenny is with her :-)

An irresistible smell reaches my nose, she is in heat.

Oh Jenny, I love you, I need you, I adore you, your lover I want to be,
please, would you come in my garden to play with me....

Life is hard, Jenny goes for a walk with Els.


Going to sleep, then I can dream of Jenny...


doobie mulder said...

Oh, little Ari

I am not normally the type of dog who is prone to acts of jealousy but I must confess to feeling a little twinge today when I saw, in picture form, the way you looked at Jenny!

Every now and again when I am seated on the lovely cooling bed you gifted me, I find myself smiling for no reason, then I realise I am thinking of you.


Xin-Feng Chow Chows said...

Hi Doobie,

It is sooo hard, Jenny lives almost right behind our garden and now I can smell her ALL day long. I wish I could escape somehow...

No, I could not escape, can't be without my mom!

sincerely yours

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Anonymous said...

very very cute.....